Die Geschichte einer Legende

Die Geschichte einer Legende – Screenshot – Rupert & Caspar v.d. Schulenburg

fantasy short movie

Title (english): A Legends Story, approx. 39 min, Austria 2012/2013

Karl, a boy who just moved with his father in the neighborhood of an 11 Year-old boy named Toby Parker, getting fascinated by the mysterious world Toby lives in. Everything seems to be alive in Toby’s world: A scarecrow comes to life, helping the two boys in the defense against a giant crow, strange creatures appear in the forest and even tools are brought to life by their imagination. All thanks to the magical power of the stories and tales of Toby’s already deceased grandfather.

Unfortunately, this always been his mothers biggest thorn in the eye, and as the head of marketing of the Group Matramil, she wants only one thing: A normal child who stops the senseless nonsense, finally begins to grow up and follow her footsteps. That the slightly autistic Toby is not jet ready and wants to collect his life experience in his fantastic little world, she just cannot understand. Because Karl’s own father is so busy and never really takes the time to deal with Karl, he understands Tobi very well and likes the idea of a world not always just about problems.

The two friends make their fantasy world a secret. As Toby’s mother notice one night, that the two boys still make their senseless fantasy games, she feels betrayed and therefore she destroys an item from Toby’s world.

Stirred by this attack, Toby stumbles over to Karl late in the evening and tells him that his mother stolen half of the amulet, his grandfather has given him as legacy. Toby tells Karl the story about the past of the amulet, which was a very magical item, allowing his owner to control the thoughts of others.

Toby decides, as described in the legend told by his grandfather, to look after the legendary Moonroot-Creatures. This is the beginning of a fantastic adventure.

Direction & Script: Christoph Tripp
Dir. Ass: Elena Hofmann
Production: Daniel Fröhlacher
D.o.P: Daniel Singer
Music: Frank Schlick
Sounddesign: Jakob Limmer