Max und Moritz…und Maria


Title (english): Max and Moritz…and Maria, 6 min 33 sec, Austria 2013

A short movie produced for the Viena Filmacademy during the silicitation (Theme: Rendezvous)

Max is living with is grandfather who only wants his grandson to get over the lost of his beloved mother. After a fight Max runs away, followed by his best freind Moritz and his friends sister. Together they just do what kids do. Playing, disturbing kissing couples on the hills and so forth. But suddenly when Maria falls into a cave the fun turns into a dangerous adventure.

Direction & Script: Elena Hofmann
Camera: Till Cortiel
Actors: Lukas Blaukovitsch, Fabio Ziegler, Fabienne Ziegler, Axel Meinhardt, Tango
Music: Frank Schlick
Audio: Esther Kao, Moritz Grusch